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Tooth Colored Fillings
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Most people in the past have had metal fillings in their posterior teeth.  Technology is constantly changing and we want to inform you that the restorations (fillings) we are now doing are bonded resin ceramics.  These tooth colored restorations are 25% resin (plastic) and 75% ceramic (glass) and are bonded to the etched tooth surface with light.  These restorations, in comparison to metal fillings which you have had in the past, are different in many ways.


1)  Resin ceramic fillings are bonded to the tooth surface helping to prevent leakage and recurrent decay.  Metal fillings are held in mechanically and are more at risk for micro-leakage.


2)  Resin ceramic fillings contain no mercury or other metals.  Metal fillings are approximately  48% mercury, 48% silver and the remainder made up of varying amounts of tin, zinc and other trace elements.


3)  Resin ceramic fillings do not corrode or turn black with time.  They are tooth colored restorations which will remain white.


4)  Resin ceramic fillings are less likely to chip or break and actually help strengthen the tooth, reducing the chance of the tooth fracturing.


5)  Resin ceramic fillings are more bio-compatible and more aesthetic.


            These restorations do cost more and it is very likely that if you have insurance, they will only pay the same amount as they do for the metal fillings and any difference will have to be paid by you, the patient.  However, we feel that these restorations are superior to the fillings done in the past.


            If you have questions or concerns regarding these restorations, please discuss it with your doctor.

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